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Sound healers Swami Chaitanya Krishna and Swami Johnny Baba work together internationally to provide hand-made Nepalese singing bowls, private healings, workshops, collaborations, and certifications.

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Come learn the basics of sound healing with Swami in Nepal for a 3-day intensive study for Basic, or 7-day for the Advanced course. You will delve into the meaning of the Chakras and how they correlate with both body and sound in what promises to be a fascinating adventure, as you learn the secrets of brainwave entrainment. 

For pricing or sign up, please email us at or reach out to Swami. 

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Swami Chaitanya Krishna is a sound healer and third generation master and healer. He was born in eastern part of Nepal, a small village called Dovan at Mahendra Nagar-& Sunsari. The healing process in his family was started from his grandfather who was a very famous shaman of eastern Nepal, gifted by nature for his healing power…and he healed more than 100,000 people in his life time. After his grandfather, his father was to be  a healer but due to his interest in other fields he couldn’t became a shaman or healer but he became farmer instead. Even though he had learned the art of healing and he had some spiritual power and great intuition, the work was to be left to his son. Swami Chaitanya Krishna who is now a sound healer and shaman was interested in spirituality since his childhood had learn the art of healing and shamanism from many different masters. At the age of 17 he began learning Hinduism and started practicing tantra with various babas and learning the philosophy, but even all this education could not bring him satisfaction so he started seeking deeper experiences and jumped into the sea of meditation with his masters philosophy, Osho. Swami became an Osho sanyasi and under that tutelage, one day went deep inside in his meditation and experienced something profound as he realized the art of life. With this in mind and mission, Swami started coming back to society and began to share his experience and energy with society. As a music lover and musician he chose the singing bowls as his method and trained two years with his master to learn what he knows today. For almost a decade now, Swami has healed more than 1000 people and given trainings more than 100 students from all over the world.  Of those hundreds, only 10 students are his advanced students working in this same field in various countries, one being Johnny Baba. 

Johnny met Swami when he traveled to Nepal in September 2017 on a solo journey to trek the Annapurna Base Camp circuit. Before his trek began, a travel guide named Ramesh led Baba to meet Swami above a small shop that sold beautifully handcrafted paintings. There was an instant connection between them both, but timing allowed only for a brief introduction before Johnny’s guide had to take them onward. Johnny knew he had met his teacher, and fate agreed as all the hiking plans suddenly fell through the next day, so Johnny spent the rest of the time in Patan with Swami. With a background in classical music and singing, Babas chanting and mantra work excelled and he became one of Swamis advanced students, bringing his own healing and intuition back to the United States. Since then, Johnny has visited Nepal again to be with his teacher, and where he took Sannyas with Osho, who has given him a new name; Swami Antar Anurag. 

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Healing Center Nepal:

Swami Chaitanya Krishna 

Chaksibari Thamel, Chaksibari Marg (behind the fire club)

Phone: 9843095682 or 9818977280


Johnny Baba

USA Phone +1 (484) 889-8966

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